Credit Rights

MJ4 structure transactions for the purchase, sale and trading of credit rights, with extensive experience in the duty recovery on differences shareholdings in the telephony sector, having under its administration over 220,000 contracts of this nature.


MJ4 provides the technical and financial advisor to all stages of recovery process of rights arising out of financial participation contracts.


MJ4 holds knowledge and direct access to the main authors, investors and law firms that operate in this area, mainly located in the South and Southeast of the country.

Pricing / Technical Advisor

MJ4 has experience in non-standard assets pricing. Mainly of credit rights over shareholder differences of phone companies and its reflexes, assists in the settlement of lawsuits that require this type of law. Given the know-how of our team and the paramount importance of the recovery of these assets, provide technical and financial services for the pricing of the contracts.

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